How to Smoke a Ham in an Electric Smoker: A Comprehensive Guide

Smoking ham in an electric smoker is a delightful culinary adventure that infuses your meat with rich flavors and irresistible aromas. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or a newbie in the smoking game, this guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a mouthwatering result that will impress your guests.

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Let’s first understand the basics. Smoking meat has been a tradition for centuries, and the electric smoker brings a modern twist to this age-old technique. The convenience and precision of an electric smoker make it an excellent choice for achieving that perfect smoked ham.

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How to Smoke a Ham in an Electric Smoker: Choosing the Right Ham:

Not all hams are created equal, and selecting the right one is crucial for a successful smoking experience. From fresh to cured, understanding the different types of ham available will help you make an informed decision. Opt for quality ham with the right balance of fat for optimal flavor.

Preparing the Ham:

Before the smoking process begins, proper preparation of the ham is essential. This involves cleaning, trimming excess fat, and applying a flavorful rub to enhance the taste. The preparation sets the foundation for a delicious smoked ham.

Setting Up the Electric Smoker:

Assembling your electric smoker correctly is the first step toward a successful smoking session. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper setup. Adjusting the temperature and smoke settings according to the type of wood chips you’re using is crucial for achieving the desired flavor profile.

Electric smoker

Wood Chips and Flavor Enhancement

Wood chips for electric smoker

The choice of wood chips plays a significant role in the final taste of your smoked ham. Experiment with different woods like hickory, apple, or cherry to discover your preferred flavor. Additionally, consider adding herbs, spices, or even fruit peels for a unique and personalized touch.

Smoking Process:

With the ham prepared and the smoker ready, it’s time to embark on the smoking journey. Carefully place the ham in the smoker, and monitor the temperature and cooking time diligently. Consistency is key to achieving that perfect smokiness without overcooking the meat.

Basting and Glazing

To elevate the flavors of your smoked ham, basting during the smoking process is highly recommended. This not only adds moisture but also enhances the taste. As the ham nears completion, applying a delectable glaze provides a beautiful finish and an extra layer of flavor.

Monitoring Temperature:

Investing in a reliable meat thermometer is a game-changer when smoking ham. Ensure the ham reaches the recommended internal temperature for both safety and optimal taste. A perfectly smoked ham should be juicy and tender, making the use of a thermometer indispensable.

Resting the Ham:

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to smoking ham. Allow the smoked ham to rest before slicing to ensure that the juices redistribute evenly, resulting in a moist and succulent outcome.

Slicing and Serving:

Master the art of slicing to present your smoked ham appealingly. Whether you prefer thin slices or thick cuts, the way you present the ham adds to the overall dining experience. Consider pairing it with complementary sides for a well-rounded meal.

Storage Tips:

If there happen to be leftovers (which is rare), proper storage is essential. Follow recommended guidelines for refrigerating or freezing smoked ham, and explore creative ways to repurpose it in other dishes.

Troubleshooting Common Issues:

Encountering challenges during the smoking process is not uncommon. Whether it’s uneven cooking or issues with the smoker, this section addresses common problems and offers practical tips to overcome them.

Variations in Smoking Techniques:

While this guide provides a foundational approach to smoking ham, don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques. Explore various wood chips, rubs, and smoking times to find your signature style.

Safety Tips:

Last but not least, prioritize safety throughout the smoking process. From handling the electric smoker to dealing with raw meat, adhering to safety guidelines ensures a worry-free and enjoyable cooking experience.


1 whole ham
Dijon Mustard2 tablespoons
All-purpose bbq rub2 tablespoons
For Orange Maple Bourbon Glaze:
Orange juice1/2 cup
Maple syrup1/4 cup
Bourbon1/4 cup
Brown sugar1/4 cup
Cinnamon1 tea spoon
Cayenne1/2 tea spoon
Ham recipe ingredients and quantiy


Prepare the Smoker:

  • Fill the wood chip tray with your favorite wood chips.
  • Fill the water reservoir with water.
  • Preheat your electric smoker to a temperature between 225-250°F.

Score and Season the Ham:

  • Score the top of the ham in a crosshatch pattern using a knife.
  • Apply a coating of Dijon mustard as a binder.
  • Cover the ham with the BBQ rub, ensuring an even coating.

Smoking the Ham:

  • Place the ham in the preheated smoker.
  • Smoke the ham until it reaches an internal temperature of 140°F.
  • Add more wood chips to the chip tray and water to the reservoir every 30-40 minutes, as needed.

Prepare the Glaze:

  • In a small pot over medium heat, combine all glaze ingredients.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes until the glaze thickens.
  • The glaze will continue to thicken as it cools. If additional thickening is needed, whisk in 1-2 tablespoons of powdered sugar to achieve the desired consistency.

Glazing the Ham:

  • When the ham’s internal temperature reaches 130°F, start brushing the glaze onto the ham.
  • Ensure a nice, even coating on the top and sides.

Rest and Serve:

  • Remove the ham from the smoker when it reaches an internal temperature of 140°F.
  • Let the ham rest for 20 minutes before slicing.
  • Serve with additional glaze if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smoking a spiral ham typically takes 15-20 minutes per pound at 225°F (107°C) until it reaches the recommended internal temperature.

Smoking a pre-cooked ham usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours per pound at an electric smoker temperature of around 225°F (107°C).

Yes, you can. Smoking a pre-cooked ham adds a delightful smoky flavor to the meat. Adjust the cooking time accordingly to prevent overcooking.


Smoking ham in an electric smoker is a rewarding culinary experience that combines tradition with modern convenience. With the right ham selection, preparation, and smoking techniques, you can impress your guests and family members with a mouthwatering masterpiece. Embrace the versatility of an electric smoker, and let your creativity shine as you explore the world of smoked ham.

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