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Hello BBQ lovers Welcome to I am Allison Beard Enthusiast BBQ lover and writer This website is devoted to the art of outdoor cooking and covers every imaginable subject including grilling, BBQ, and Buying guides

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Why I started this website

“To Create the Best reviews after using the Right products at Right Time for Right Results to help others so they will get what they revied or desired “

Who I am?

Before starting this website I was a manager at a steel factory that manufactured different products from there I got experience understanding the products that which product is best for what reason

I am utterly fixated on a barbecue. Since I was a young adult, I have been cooking outside, and still do so three to five times a week to indulge my passion for preparing delicious food from scratch over a live fire. Writing reviews and recipes and checking content regularly to make sure of the quality and regularly contributing as an Author.

Meet With Our Team Members

Author/ Recipe maker

Julia is a Professional Chef and writer. She loves to make healthy food and juicy recipes for you to help you cook better. She believes that enjoying healthy and juicy meals makes you happy and feel better. She helped and provided her services to many kitchens to grow their businesses well. She has contributed to a change in their perspectives on nutrition and general health. You can find her in the kitchen or out on the patio when she’s not writing or working. Julie has a B.S. in dietetics from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a B.S. in exercise science from the University of the District of Columbia



Jimmy is known as a backyard boy as he loves to cook and grill for his friends and family. Jimmy is crazy about BBQ since his teen and loves to cook he is a professional Chartered accountant and serving a very well-known firm. Whenever he gets free time, you have to meet him in the backyard and he will present some juicy BBQ and wine. He is continuously trying and testing new recipes and always comes up with new and juicy recipes that will give you a mouth-watering taste. Jimmy studied at Lamar University College of Business, Beaumont Texas. Follow Jimmy for more evaluations and recommendations for grilling.