Franklin Offset smoker- What kind of smoker does he use?

Offset smokers have gained immense popularity among barbecue enthusiasts and pitmasters alike, thanks to their ability to produce mouthwatering, smoky flavors. Aaron Franklin, a renowned pitmaster and owner of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, is no stranger to offset smokers. In this article, we will delve into the kind of offset smoker that Franklin uses, providing you with valuable insights into his choice.

Franklin Offset smoker

What Kind of Offset Smoker Does Franklin Use?

Aaron Franklin places a lot of focus on the caliber of the tools he utilizes to produce superb barbecue. Franklin uses a custom-made offset smoker dubbed the “Franklin BBQ Pits,” which was created and produced by Franklin himself. Franklin’s skill is demonstrated in this one-of-a-kind smoker, which combines his artistry and BBQ experience.

The offset smoker from Franklin BBQ Pits is expertly constructed to provide ideal heat control and smoke circulation. It is made of sturdy, thick steel, which provides good heat retention and dispersion. For consistent results throughout the smoking process, this element is essential.

The primary cooking chamber of the smoker is large, and it has a separate firebox for producing heat and smoke, as well as a chimney for ventilation. In order to maintain a precise balance between heat, smoke, and ventilation, Franklin has given great consideration to these components. As a consequence, the meats are perfectly cooked and have the desired smoky flavor.

Franklin’s offset smoker has a firebox on the side, which gives the cooking chamber indirect heat. The meat is able to gradually absorb the rich smokiness because of the indirect heat method’s ability to cook food slowly and steadily.

Franklin uses his personal offset smoker most of the time, but he also occasionally tries out other offset smokers. This illustrates his constant efforts to perfect his skill and experiment with new methods in order to provide the best barbeque.

The Best Offset Smoker: A Recommended Option

Purchasing a top-notch offset smoker is crucial if you are motivated by Aaron Franklin’s commitment to creating great barbecues and want to start your own smoking journey. We advise looking into the best offset smoker choices to aid in your decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Franklin BBQ Pits, Aaron Franklin’s customized offset smoker, isn’t sold commercially, but there are other excellent offset smokers on the market that can help you get similar outcomes.

Offset smokers come with a number of benefits, including superior heat management, equal heat dispersion, and the capacity to produce a flavorful smokey flavor. Offset smokers use indirect heat to cook food slowly and consistently, producing delicate, delicious meats.


The Franklin BBQ Pits, Aaron Franklin’s choice of offset smoker, is a prime example of his dedication to excellence in design and construction. His mastery of the barbecue craft is displayed in this specially-made offset smoker, which also offers the ideal conditions for producing extraordinary flavors. Exploring the world of offset smokers is a rewarding activity, whether your goal is to achieve success like that of Benjamin Franklin or merely to improve your smoking skills. For detailed advice and help to choose the ideal offset smoker for your cooking plans, be sure to visit the Best Offset Smoker page on!

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